Food origin 's Organizational purpose

Fresh, as if picked from your own garden!

All of the vegetables we deliver from our farm to you are of the same quality that we serve to our families and friends.

Flexible quantity and packaging

We understand the business market, which necessitates a one-of-a-kind package and design. If you require something special, please let us know and we will provide it just for you. We also offer retail packs that can be customized with our branding or yours.

Reasonable price

We only offer the best products at reasonable prices for you.

Long term supply

We are from the industry and are part of the entire supply chain segment. Fortunately, our farm is in summer country. Summer fruits and vegetables abound. With long-term business relationships that feel like friends, we are confident in supplying fresh product all year long.

Quality assurance

We started farming because we wanted to eat truly fresh and clean vegetables that we could rely on. And we decided to increase our production from now on so that others could have this good product as we were. We adhere to GAP standards and will likely adhere to additional standards in the near future.

Our Farm , we manage our plantation by 5 method

Organic fertilizer

We have the capability of producing organic fertilizers on our own. We can produce up to 10,000 tons of organic fertilizers enriched with active microbes to serve our plantation. We are more than confident in offering our clients such chemical-free plantation.

Good organic fertilizer can help soils hold onto water and nutrients and supports soil microbes to recycle nutrients.


Smart-Farming Technology

´ Automatic watering system

  • Sensors for measuring humidity, nutrients, PH, light and temperature
  • Closed circuit cameras upload to Food Origin’s website for our customers (Coming Soon)
  • Using barcode to track our past record of each shipment (Coming Soon)


Hybrid Micro-Organism

Microbes that are compatible with the soil type can aid in the conversion of dead plant materials into organic matter. Healthy soils should contain microbes that help to prevent disease, cycle nutrients and reduce plant stress.

We collaborate with BIO OM Co., Ltd., a company which combines Chulalongkorn University professors and agriculture experts to create hybrid microbes that are compatible with Food Origin Farm.


Controlled System Plantation

One of our top priorities in controlling the plantation system is the implementation of new technology. We also invest in new equipment to increase employee efficiency, and some automated equipment is brought in to reduce the number of workers.

We want our customers to be able to see the entire manufacturing process. To be clear, all of the products are safe and clean for consumers, with no hidden technology, because we encourage all Thai farmers to produce safe food for the rest of the world.


Welled care nursery

From up steam to down steam, we carefully select the best. To serve our clients, we use species with a high growth rate and a high quality finished product. We take the best care of our plants from the time they are babies until they are delivered to your kitchen.